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2019 Executive Committee

President: Imran Ali, IM
Vice President: Joseph Lorusso, BΩ
Treasurer: Joel Cheverie, ΓΛ
Past President: Barak Queija, ΓΛ

Directors and Committee Chairman
Director, Membership and Communications: Drew Woods, ΘΨ
Director, Annual Banquet: Leo Colman, BΩ
Director, Events: Imran Ali, IM
Director, Alumni Engagement: Leo Colman, BΩ
Director, Undergraduate Liaison: Austin Charles, EO
Director, Kyle Dicker, ΓΘ
Director, Nick Gibson, IM
Director, Frank Cirinna, IM
Director, BJ Del Conte, BΩ
Director, Gord Brookes, BΩ

Honourary President: Doug McWhirter, BΩ
Chair, Nominating Committee: Leo Colman, BΩ
Director Emeritus: Tim Sanderson, EO

If you are visiting Toronto and want to contact the Alumni Chapter,
joelcheverie(at)hotmail(dot)com or call 514-797-4121(cell)

Also - see us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/torontosigs/

Webmaster: Joel Cheverie ΓΛ