Your Toronto Alumni Chapter serves over 1,200 Sigs in and around the GTA by promoting networking amongst Sigs and recurring social and professional development events open to brothers of all ages.

It does not matter which Chapter you hail from, the Toronto Alumni Chapter is here to serve you, and your dues payments and donations provide us, your volunteer Executive Committee with the ability to:

- Host this website, featuring news and information in support of events that bring Sigs together

- 2 annual newsletters each year that highlight events and celebrate the accomplishment of our fellow Brothers.  We reach over 800 Sigs with each newsletter!

- Help us budget for and prepare our programming for the 100th Anniversary of Sigma Chi in Canada and help make it the biggest celebration Sigma Chi has ever staged in this country. April 22, 2022 will be here sooner than you think!

- Pay our required annual Alumni Chapter fee to Sigma Chi headquarters, allowing us to maintain our official Chapter status, and receive support from HQ as well as registration of a voting delegate to annual and biannual Fraternity meetings (Grand Council, Grand Chapter)

- Helps us afford to give free one-year memberships to all grads from any Chapter - they just have to register with us.

We run a lean, mean organization and fund much of what we do out of pocket.  But your dues payment makes an incredible contribution to the ability of our Alumni Chapter to reach Sigs across the GTA.  Please give generously, and we will continue to pay you back in spades! 

New for 2017 - Membership Has Benefits Program

New for the upcoming 2017 membership year that begins with our Annual Members Only Banquet in December 2016, the Sigma Chi Toronto Alumni Chapter is excited to announce our new benefits program for paid up members.

(1) All paid members (Toronto Area and Non-GTA members) get $10.00 off the fee for all major events such as the Annual Banquet and all major Pro Sports Events.

(2) Check out our Streets of TO - Toronto Key to the City - special perks that come with your paid up annual membership (Toronto Area $40.00 dues paid members only). This Key to the City itself is a $40.00 Annual Value - but you get it free with your GTA Members Fee (sorry - the key does not come with the free alumni dues for 1st Year Graduates). You can also buy up to three extra keys at $25.00 each to give to family or friends (only dues paid members, or first year graduates with free membership for one year can buy extra keys). Recent Streets of TO membership analysis indicates that members average $600-$800 per year in savings. How's that for value?

(3) Want to make a donation (and some do that each year, and we are truly grateful)? Simply buy one or multiple extra Non-GTA Dues at $20.00 each and tell us that's a donation in the "Special Instructions to the Seller" line that will show up when you finalize your purchase. Many thanks to everyone who supports the Alumni Chapter in this way!

See the available perks here: Go to the TORONTO KEY TO THE CITY - MEMBERS PERKS PAGE

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