As of the Class of 2018 announcement, the Sigma Chi Fraternity has recognized over 1,800 brothers since the Significant Sig Award's inception at the 1935 Grand Chapter. Alumni in any profession, occupation or service work are eligible for consideration. Any Sigma Chi alumnus or undergraduate may nominate a brother for the Significant Sig award. A nomination consists of a completed nomination form and a resume or summary of the nominee's past and present occupations and positions, professional and/or civic activities, and honors or awards received. Service to Sigma Chi as an undergraduate or alumnus is NOT a criterion for this award and need not be listed. If a candidate is selected, a nominator may be asked to assist the alumni services department at Headquarters with the coordination of an awards ceremony. Only living members of the Fraternity are considered for the award.

Each year, the Order of Constantine recognizes a group of up to 14 Sigma Chi brothers for their commitment, dedication and service to the Fraternity. Induction into the Order of Constantine is considered to be the highest honor that the Sigma Chi Fraternity bestows upon one of its members. As of March 2016, the honor of being named an “Order of Constantine Sig” has been conferred on just over 740 brothers since the Order's inception at the 47th Grand Chapter in 1948.

Canada's Significant Sigs

† Dr. John M. Anderson, Beta Omega 1951

CE J. Alan Beesley, Delta Omicron 1950

Michael J. Bryant, Delta Omicron 1988

† Robert K. Burgess, Epsilon Omicron 1979

Thomas S. Caldwell, Gamma Lambda 1965

Hon. Alexander B. Campbell, Gamma Rho 1955

H. Garfield Emerson, Beta Omega 1963

† CE A. E. Harold Fair, Beta Omega 1922

† CE Dr. Alfred W. Farmer, MD, Beta Omega 1927

† George A. Fierheller, Beta Omega 1955

Terence E. Finlay, Epsilon Omicron 1959

† CE Hon. John J. Fitzpatrick, Beta Omega 1939

† Philip D. Fraser, Epsilon Omicron 1983

CE John A. Gamble, Beta Omega 1959

† CE George R. Gardiner, Beta Omega 1939

† Michael W. Gardner, Beta Omega 1996

† CE John W. Graham, QC, Beta Omega 1933

Anthony J. Grey, Beta Omega 1958

CE Theodore C. Grunau, Beta Omega 1956

CE G. Edward Hall, Beta Omega 1929

† Hon. Richard B. Hatfield, Gamma Rho 1956

Walter K. Kellett, Gamma Lambda 1968

† James C. Lawley, Gamma Rho 1982

J. Douglas Lawson Q.C., QC, Epsilon Omicron 1965

† Colin E. MacDonald, Gamma Rho 1969

Hon. W. Andrew MacKay, Gamma Rho 1950

† Keith W. MacLellan, Gamma Lambda 1944

† CE Hon. Murdoch (Sandy) A. MacPherson, QC, Gamma Rho 1936

† Hon. Gordon H. McConnell, Gamma Rho 1954

† Robert R. McEwen, Epsilon Omicron 1973

CE Hon. Stewart McInnes, Gamma Rho 1958

Dr. Roderick R. McInnes, MD, Gamma Rho 1965

† Douglas A. McWhirter, Beta Omega 1958

† CE Clive Miller, Delta Omicron 1951

† CE James William E. Mingo, QC, Gamma Rho 1947

† John F. Ricketts, Epsilon Omicron 1960

† CE Edward S. Rogers, Beta Omega 1956

† Edward S. Rogers, Jr., Epsilon Omicron 1992

† CE Ernest L. Samuel, Beta Omega 1954

Dr. Stephen W. Scherer, Theta Psi 1987

Robert F. Shaw, Gamma Lambda 1933

William D. Stanish, Gamma Rho 1970

† W. Gerald Strongman, Epsilon Omicron 1960

† R. Andrew Stuart, Gamma Rho 1992

CE Kenneth D. Taylor, Beta Omega 1957

Robert J. Uffen, Beta Omega 1949

† CE Charles H. B. Vaucrosson, Epsilon Omicron 1958

CE David J. Walker, QC, Beta Omega 1928

† CE Hon. Allison A. M. Walsh, Gamma Lambda 1936

Jack Layton, Gamma Lambda 1971*

*Sadly, Brother Layton, Leader of the NDP, passed away before the application for his Significant Sig Award was completed. Every Sigma Chi Brother can be proud of his legacy as a caring, passionate voice and historic political leader.

Canada's Order of Constantine Sigs

Welcome to the newest member of the Order, Brother Dwayne Yaretz, UBC 1986, Inducted into the Order in 2017 and Leo Colman, Beta Omega 1960, Inducted into the Order in 2016.

† Allen, James B. | Epsilon Omicron 1979 (GT, Director RMF, Past GP)

† Colman, Lionel T. | Beta Omega 1960 (Director SCCF, Past HC Director, AC-PR)

†CE Crane, Frank D. | Delta Omicron 1961 (Past AC-PR, CA, HC-PR, IFC-PR)

†CE *Davies, Robert W. QC | Beta Omega 1940 (Past GP, GT, CH-GT, AC-PR)

† Edwards, John D. | Epsilon Omicron 1980 (Past GP, CA, AC-PR, HC-PR)

† Fierheller, George A. | Beta Omega 1955 (Past Chairman SCCF)

† Garland, David J. | Theta Psi 1989, (Chairman SCCF, BLTW Leader, Past HC-TR)

†CE Graham, John W. | Beta Omega 1933 (Past GC, GP, GT, CH-GT, AC-PR)

†CE Grimes, C. Jim | Epsilon Omicron 1957 (Founder)

†CE Halford, C. Norm | Gamma Lambda 1945 (Int'l Balfour, Past GP, AC-PR)

† Henderson, John W., CFA | Gamma Lambda 1957 (Past GP)

† Lawley, James C. | Gamma Rho 1982

†CE Lundy, Lewis | Beta Omega 1955 (Past Mortgage Campaign Chair BO)

† Mariano, Remigio V. G. | Gamma Lambda 1983 (Current HC PR, Past AC-PR)

† McWhirter | Douglas A., Beta Omega 1958 (Past Grand Consul, CH-GT, AC-PR)

†CE Milner, J. Bev | Beta Omega 1925 (Founder, 1st Cdn Member of this Order)

† Peterman, Robert Rip | Delta Omicron 1969 (Past HC-PR, GT)

† Pitt, Edward J. | Epsilon Omicron 1971 (Current GP, BLTW Session Leader)

†CE Rogers, Edward (Ted) S. | Beta Omega 1956

† Sanderson, D. Timothy | Epsilon Omicron 1985 (GQ, Past HC-PR, CA, GP, CH-SCCF)

† Taylor, Richard (Dick) G. | Beta Omega 1957 (Past Treasurer SCCF, AC-PR)

† Thomson, Eric F.G. | Gamma Rho 1972 (GP)

† Towers, Douglas I. | Beta Omega 1961 (Past CH-SCCF, AC-PR)

† Watson, John F. | Delta Omicron 1963 (GT, Past CA, HC)

† Yaretz, Dwayne W. | Delta Omicron 1963 (CA, Past PR-AC,HC)

*President, Order of Constantine 1983-1991, 2nd longest serving in this position.

Note: SCCF is the Sigma Chi Canadian Foundation; GC - Grand Consul; GQ - Grand Quaestor; GP - Grand Praetor; GT - Grand Trustee; AC - Alumni Chapter; HC - House Corp.; CA - Chapter Advisor, CH indicates Chair, PR indicates President (also, please note that once it says "Past" in the summary, all subsequent positions listed are not current).
† Life Loyal Sig
CE - Chapter Eternal